Ski Butlers: What a Great Partnership Looks Like

Ski Butlers has had the pleasure of working with a variety of partners since our inception back in 2004 in Park City, UT. Through collaboration with full-scale concierge companies, property managers, hotels and fractional ownership properties; we have been able to provide vacationers with a personsonalized, customer service based ski and snowboard rental experience to truly elevate their stays at the 47 Ski Resorts in which we operate. 

To start, below are a couple of reviews from top partners that we have a complete relationship with…

In 2017, when travelling and meeting with our top accounts, the agents are always excited to learn that we have a partnership with Ski Butlers. The agents advise me that they like working with Ski Butlers and that they know the service and equipment that Ski Butlers provides is the very best. There is a brand recognition with Ski Butlers. Ski Butlers has a loyal following, however, if there are agents who are not familiar with Ski Butlers they appreciate the convenience factor of having their valued clients fitted in their rooms and provided with the latest and greatest ski and snowboard equipment while staying at our property. I know that promoting the services and products that Ski Butlers provides has made my job easier this year when presenting the ski valet and ski services.”

This will be our third year working with Ski Butlers and we have had such great success in this short amount of time. We were able to introduce a service that would solve a problem, but also enhance the overall level of service and experience we provide to our guests and owners. We are a condominium property and each of our units had its own ski locker, but we wanted to have a service that would ultimately provide a hands free experience so our guests never have to touch or carry their skis. We have achieved that and our guests and owners love their service. Additionally, it has also been a way to add additional revenue without any cost to the hotel. The overall guest satisfactions scores have increased due to the enhancement and we look forward to our third year and growing the service twith Ski Butlers.”
When we say complete relationship the long of the short of it means that we have a complete buy in from all parts of the organization to recommend our services in order to provide luxury and convenince elements to guests stays. 

The departments we work with include but are not limited to; Sales & Reservations, Concierge, Front of House Staff, Marketing and the Group Sales Department. Ski Butlers team members in each location take the time to fully train each area within an organziation on our services and how to refer us based on the companies best practices. With creativity, proven methods, and a team approach we seek to engage all parties involved to stimulate a community where customer service is a top priority. 

We know that success comes with vacationers having wonderful, 5‑star experiences…Ski Butlers and our partners don’t just strive to hit the status quo, we want to be game changers in the industry and are always seeking to get better and come up with new and creative ways as to how to WOW our guests season in and season out.

If you are interested in developing a partnership with Ski Butlers please reach out to info@​skibutlers.​com with your inquiry. 

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