Ski Butlers Wins Vail Platinum Service Award for 4th Consecutive Year!

Vail, Colorado…Ski Butlers Vail has won the Vail Platinum Service Award for the fourth consecutive year. This award is given out by the Vail Valley Partnership for exceptional customer service. Ski Butlers is the only ski shop in Vail to have won this award for four consecutive years. 

At other Ski Butlers locations where there is no Platinum Service program Ski Butlers measures its customer service through the Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score, or NPS®, asks one single question — How likely is it that you would recommend Ski Butlers to a friend or a colleague? It is a straightforward metric that holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers. It has since been embraced by leading companies worldwide as the standard for measuring and improving customer loyalty. Companies with the most efficient growth engines operate at NPS efficiency ratings of 50 to 80%. 

Ski Butlers had a score of 86% for the 201011 ski season. 

Founded in 2004 in Park City, Utah, Ski Butlers now serves over 30 North American resorts in Colorado, California, Utah, Wyoming and British Columbia, Canada. Ski Butlers award winning service makes renting ski and snowboard equipment convenient and hassle-free all for the same price or less than most resort ski shops. Ski Butlers is Deer Valley’s preferred ski rental delivery provider and recently won Aspen’s Emerging Business of the Year Award. Ski Butlers home offices are based out of Park City, Utah. 

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