Ski Magazine Reviews Black Ops in Gear Review Issue

Each off-season the big publication houses publish their gear reviews for the newest ski models and Ski Mag isn’t any different. I will admit that the gear issue of ski mag is my favorite issue that the company publishes every year and is a must read just to see all the new skis and technology that has been put into them. I always imagine what it must be like to get to test out all these different skis that are seen as the best of that year but now you can. With multiple pairs of Black Ops making the top ten in a few different categories you won’t need to dream of what it might be like to ski on them when now you can rent them from Ski Butlers.

Black Ops Escaper

This ski made the top 10 of Ski mag’s best frontside skis for 2021 while also being rewarded best value” within this category. With it being a bit wider than most of the other frontside contenders it allows the ski to easily carve through firmer packed snow while still being able to hold its own on all different types of terrain. This is going to be a great ski to carve up some corduroy as you charge down the mountain. 

Strengths: Quickness and Hard-Snow Integrity

Weakness: Crud Performance and Forgiveness

Black ops Sender Ti

This ski is not only one of the best all-mountain wide skis for the 2021, but is also the ski that brought the Black Ops brand into existence for Rossignol. Taking all the good from the 7 series and making it even better with extra stability while flying at top speeds and an agility that makes hairpin turns feel like a breeze. 

Strengths: Stability at Speed

Weakness: Floatation and Crud Performance

Make sure to make a reservation with Ski Butlers and ask for the Black Ops Sender or Escaper so you can try them for yourself!

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