Ski Movies: Pumping you up for the best season of your life. Featuring TGR’s Way of Life trailer


Once the ski season ends, we tend to turn off the winter-switch” and let ourselves get caught up in the fast approaching summer. We get out our bikes, dust off our kayaks and rafts and let summer take us over. And just as quickly as it seemed summer had started, suddenly it’s fall and the temperatures start dropping. What a feeling! I know for me personally, it tears me up inside. My love for the short winded, sunny, warm days of summer start battling it out with frosty mornings, hot beverages and crackling fireplaces. My bike starts looking less inviting as my skis suddenly jump out of the woodworks, screaming for attention. So I give in. 

What’s the first thing to really get me excited about winter? Well that’s easy: The early release of Ski movie trailers. Around October, you start seeing ski trailers revealing themselves on every social media platform, promising sick shots, wicked tunes and stunning mountain shots of places you’ve only dreamt of shredding. Well, those days are upon us and I have once again, my most-anticipated ski movie trailer (which I probably play at least twice a day).

It’s the perfect blend of epic visuals and energy boosting tunes. Teton Gravity Research just simply knows how to do it well. There’s a perfect recipe to creating, not just a ski movie, but almost more importantly, its trailer. It has to have a serious side that makes you go oh…my….god…that is unbelievable”, while also having some candid shots of kids being kids”. The skier/​snowboarders life is risky, yet playful. It has to represent the passion it stands for, without seeming prestigious or cocky. TGR puts all these elements together and some how, every year, creates an amazing, suck-you-in-credible ski movie. Once again, TGR, you have done it. You have reignited my winter spark and I’m ready to ski. Thank you. 

This year, I present to you, my FAVORITE trailer of the season. Teton Gravity Research’s Way of Life”. Click on the image to enjoy!

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