Ski Rental 101 — How to Rent Skis and Snowboards the Right Way

Renting ski and snowboard rentals can be a challenge and it can be stressful and that is why we have created this infographic to help in booking your ski and snowboard rentals this season. Its fun, its easy, its simple and you won’t have to stand in another ski rental line again! 

The infographic includes a few sections;

The Best Way To Rent Your Skis and Snowboards 

Reserve Online Ahead of Time

Have the Equipment Brought to You

Why Book Ahead?

Save time and avoid those crazy ski shop rental lines

Spend more time with your family on the ski slopes

Extra Benefits to Renting Your Ski and Snowboard Gear
Rent the newest equipment on the market
Rent the best ski and snowboard rental equipment for the current conditions
Don’t pay for new equipment that will be out of date
Save on airline baggage fees, yes they do add up 

Brought to you by: Ski Butlers

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