Ski Rental Delivery: UP

In lue of the economic slump one would think people would be looking everywhere for a place to save a penny. However when it comes to renting ski equipment people are not taking any short cuts. A new and growing trend in mountain towns is Ski Rental Delivery. It is your ordinary ski rental shop without a store front. Most of them have warehouses where they store all their gear and use vans to go to the persons hotel room or condo. There a couple of companies that soley delivery skis and most major rental shops are seeing the growing trend and are themselves beginning to delivery ski equipment. It is great for people that are staying extremely close to the slopes but not near the town that would have rental shops. It is a breeze to have everything fit to you and when your done they come and pick it up. Its the future of renting skis and everyone is trying to get there share.


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