Ski Resort Companies Come Together to Create a New Climate Change Initiative

Usually known for their fierce competition when it comes to getting skiers and snowboarders on their mountains. Last week the four biggest ski resort companies, Alterra Mountain Co., Vail Resorts, Boyne Resorts, and POWDR came together to announce a combined climate change effort which they are calling the Climate Collaborative Charter. 

This charter has been seen as a collaborative effort between the four biggest ski companies in the world, which own a combined 71 resorts worldwide, on how to combat the effects of climate change while also promoting sustainability and accountability across all of their resorts.

In the joint statement between all four companies they state, We must do everything in our power to leave a positive legacy for future generations, and to operate and manage our mountain resorts with a commitment to protecting and preserving our environment”.

Although the charter doesn’t go into much detail about what actions these resorts will take in the upcoming years, they will be implementing steps from the National Ski Areas Association’s Sustainable Slopes framework which was founded in 2000 as a way for ski areas to commit to sustainable practices across their operations. 

Their hopes are that their combined actions can will help inspire smaller independent ski resorts to commit to these sustainable practices in order to keep everyone’s season going as long as possible,

These charters have actually been two years in the making with their first discussions taking place in 2019 at the MT2030 zero summit in Park City.

In 2019, we hosted the MT2030 Net Zero Summit in Park City, UT. One of our main goals was to get the four biggest ski resort companies in North America to come together to begin to solve climate change,” says Bryn Carey, Founder and CEO of Ski Butlers. During the summit, it was the first time that all four major ski resort companies were on the same stage, making promises to work together going forward. This news proves that MT2030 worked. We could not be more excited to see the resorts driving this change. Congrats to Alterra, Vail, Powder, & Boyne.”

Ski Butlers is proud to be combating climate change with help from our partners Mountain Towns 2030, POW, Project DRAWDOWN, and The Climate Reality Project, along with our committed goal through MT2030 to be net zero no later than next year. 

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