Ski Town Lingo de-coded from Ski Butlers

It can be weird going on vacation to a new place, a place that can seem somewhat foreign from your home. Maybe it’s the weather that’s completely different, the food may not quite be the same, or maybe the language is new and well, foreign. It can be even stranger when this place is still in the U.S. Resort towns can seem a bit foreign at first, especially when you hear the locals speaking. 

So we thought, why not give a crash course in ski town lingo and give a couple examples to use when you get to town. So here we go, be sure to take some notes: 

Blower Pow – Super light powder, what Steamboat trademarked as Champagne Powder” (if you’re not in Steamboat you apparently have to call it something else)

Bluebird — A blue bird day is a beautiful sunny day after an overnight snowfall. It’s a perfect skiing day with a clear blue sky, bright sun, and fresh snow.

Champagne Powder ™ — Champagne powder is very light, dry, and smooth snow, which is great for skiing.

Epic Pow – Term for powder after a big storm when the skiing is at it’s best. Typically it’s a bluebird day.

Face Shot — A face shot is when a skier ends up with a face full of snow while skiing in deep powder.

Gaper — a skier or snowboarder dressed in outrageous gear, either on purpose or because they are clueless. (If you know these terms you won’t have to worry about being one.)

Liftie — Term used to describe a ski lift operator who run the the transportation system that gets skiers up the mountain.

Pow – Powder snow.

Pow Pow — slang term for fresh powder snow, which is new, loose and fluffy snow.

Ragdoll — a wild and loose tumble down the hill – not a good thing

Schralp – To athletically excel in challenging conditions, such as powder or the park.

Shred the Gnar – To go out and ski or ride Gnarly terrain.

Yardsale — A yard sale is when a skier falls and loses his skis and poles, which end up scattered across the mountainside.

Now that you have a base level of Ski Town terminology, here’s some Aspen/​Snowmass events coming up that you can try out your new lingo:

December 10th – Highlands and Buttermilk Opening Day

Use this phrase: I hope it’s a Bluebird for opening day – I can’t wait to shred.”

January 12th – Winterskol and Soupskol (the street is filled with local restaurants serving their best soups)

Use this phrase: Nothing like skiing some epic pow in the morning and enjoying Winterskol in the evening, I hope I don’t have to fight off too many Lifties to get some soup from Soupskol.”

January 26th – X Games

Use this phrase: Those rad dudes can really shred the gnar, the tricks they pull are so sick-nasty I can’t believe it!”

February 20 – Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert

Use this phrase: I can’t believe I ragdolled all the way down the bowl today – luckily it was such blower pow that it didn’t hurt at all. I completely yardsaled though!”

With our help here you will easily be taken for a local. You’re Welcome! See you out there for some epic face shots and some sick schralping.

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