Ski Town Terms — The Quiver

First, this term really only applies to skiers. There are a few snowboarders with multiple snowboards, but there are fewer of them. Further, snowboards are more versatile because they are unpleasant to ride in any condition (just kidding! I have family who rides). Now, if you are someone who rents skis with us at Ski Butlers, you may be slightly surprised that anyone would own more than one pair of skis. One thing that you must understand about ski town locals is that we are enthusiast of this sport. And the size of the quiver will alert you to how far your Ski Tech has taken this recreation of skiing and made it a lifestyle. At the time of writing I have 6 skis mounted and one pair unmounted.

Why would I have so many skis? Well, it is a bit like asking Jay Leno if he has enough cars. Certainly he does, but each vehicle has it’s own unique satisfaction. Also, I am a bit of a gear head and hold onto my older sticks out of nostalgia (how could I get rid of my first pow skis!! Too many memories). Before you pass judgement upon my obsession, remember that when you rent skis with Ski Butlers, you essentially have a quiver. Does it puke snow mid vacation and you want to glide through the white stuff with the wide and surfy Soul 7? No problem, give us a call. Are you skiing with the kids at the end of your vacation? Call your Ski Butlers shop and switch to a slightly shorter ski for more nimble turns. This service gets to the heart of our first core value: Deliver Legendary Service.

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