Ski Trail Ratings — Are you a Green Circle, Blue Square or Black Diamond?

Learning about ski trail ratings will help you find the correct ski runs to ski this winter. Ski trail ratings include green circles, blue squares, and black diamonds. In addition, knowing your skier type will help you decide which trail rating is right for your skiing ability. Skiing slopes will become more fun when you ski the correct runs!

Ski Trail Ratings
What skier type are you?
Type I: First time skiers or cautious novices skiing on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate slope gradient. 

Type II: Intermediate skiers who are confident going at a moderate speed, mostly parallel and can turn and stop easily.

Type III: Fast skiers with controlled turns and stops with good technique and are comfortable in different snow conditions and are willing to challenge themselves on more difficult slopes.

Trail Ratings Symbols
Green Circle: Easy, best for Type I skiers and trail characteristics are wide, groomed, and have a slope gradient less than 25%. 

Blue Square: Intermediate, best for Type II skiers and trail characteristics are popular and heavily groomed, easy moguls and glades and have a slope gradient between 25 – 40%. 

Black Diamond: Difficult, best for Type III skiers and trail characteristics are very steep, narrow, un-groomed, may be icy, moguls and have a slope gradient more than 40%.

Other symbols include;

The orange rectangle which is for terrain parks that feature jumps, half-pipes, and other specialty obstacles.

The Double Black Diamond best for expert skiers, may be extremely steep, have difficult moguls and glades or drop-offs. 

Take note that not all ski trail ratings are created equal! A green circle to one resort may be as tough as a blue square trail at another. The good news is, trail ratings will be consistent within each resort. 

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