Ski Videos to Get You Excited for Winter

It’s that time again. Ski season has started and the dreams of endless powder, wide open bowls, and blood pumping adrenaline is hitting all of us. This is completely normal if you’re like Ski Butlers, and while ski season is already here, it’s time to start hyping yourself up by watching (or in my case re-watching for like the 100th time) ski videos. Whether it’s to get inspired or to get that skiing fix while you wait out the next few months, catching up on some ski videos is a great way to spend your time. Here’s a few of our favorite videos that we’ll be watching on repeat. 



If you’ve ever heard of the game SKATE before, then SLVSH is the skiing equivalent to that. It’s a web series ski competition that puts two skiers up against each other in a battle of skill. Usually these games take place in a terrain park but sometimes they’ll venture outside of the park like they did with the Blake Wilson vs. Grant Howard game. These two crazy boys butt heads at legendary Alta Ski Resort where they use natural features for their tricks that make it so much fun to watch. If you’re traveling to Utah this year to ski and Alta’s on your list, then this is a great video to get some inspiration and to see what the locals hit. 

ON3P 5


This up in coming ski company out of Oregon has one of the best park and urban teams out there right now, but then ON3P 5 dropped and people were hyped. While all their past team videos had been mainly park and urban based, 5 was completely backcountry. This leads to some mind blowing lines and tricks as you see this contrast between how their park skiers hit certain features compared to their backcountry skiers. You got skiers like Magnus Granier and Jake Mageau doing unthinkable tricks off these backcountry jumps while you also have Jonnie Merrill hitting massive cliffs all while the editing and song choices give the whole thing this laid back vibe that works so well. 

One of Those Days 2 


Candide Thovex builds off all the success from One of Those Days and makes it even better with this second addition to the series. I remember the first time I watched this video and having no idea had he made some of those transitions and now, almost six years later, it still holds up. Especially that goggle transition because I still have no idea how he did that. Even though the second is by far my favorite one in the series, they are all worth checking out just to see some of the crazy stuff Candide can do. 



Growing up I remember imagining someone skiing parallel with my parents car as we would drive up to the mountains on the weekends and now that dream has finally become a reality, with this J.P. Auclair inspired video, featuring the man himself Tom Wallisch. Everything from the sound design, editing, to the shot progression makes this one of my favorite creative ski videos of all time. Plus seeing Tom Wallisch ski across rooftops and throwing that rodeo seven over the balcony is enough to get anyone hyped up. 

Line Traveling Circus


No matter what season or episode it is you’re watching, the creativity and pure fun the guys in Line Traveling Circus are having are enough to get anyone stoked for the season. This one in particular filmed at Brighton Resort is one of their best because of the ingenuity and talent these guys have. It’s crazy what these guys can think of with a few tubes and some shovels and with so many episodes it’s easy to sit back and relax while you binge through them all. 

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