Skiing or Snowboarding: That is the Question

A very popular and common question that people coming out to the mountains want to know is if they have never been on the mountain before, what should they do ski or snowboard? I feel that there is a simple answer to this question. If someone is only going to have a couple of days on the mountain than I would recommend skiing over snowboarding. Most people find it easier to get the basics with skiing before they do with snowboarding. I am not saying that skiing is easier than snowboaring but in terms of making it down the mountain, beginners find it easier to make it down on skis than a board. This does not mean that snowboarding is impossilbe and nobody should try it. There is nothing wrong with it other than you have to expect to be frustrated the first day. This goes for skiing as well. Bottom line is that on your first day on the mountain you are going to fall.….alot. This is totally normal and should not deter people from trying it. You will get better and fall less and thus spend more time having fun and less time getting frustrated.

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