Skiing with Kids at Alta

As you’re driving up Little Cottonwood Canyon, under shadow of the majestic Mount Superior, you’re probably being flooded with memories. And for good reason. Many families have made a tradition of skiing Alta Ski Resort in the winter. If this is your first season skiing Alta (or first season skiing there with little ones!), you are in for a treat. This sounds dramatic, but skiing Alta for the first time with your kids is a gosh dang sacred experience.

Alf Engen Ski School:

Let’s be honest for just a moment. We KNOW you love your kids. And we KNOW you love skiing. That doesn’t always mean that you love spending a quality ski day struggling to teach your kids to ski. Let the professionals do it! Better yet, let the professionals teach your kids to ski while you ski laps down Thirds. Alf Engen Ski School takes the time to help your little ones feel confident and independent on their skis. After just a half day adventure, we’re willing to bet that your legs will be tired from skiing grown up laps” and your little one will feel ready to show you what they learned.

Where to Ski:

If you’ve skied Alta for a few seasons, you’ve probably seen four year olds who can ski faster than some adults. That’s because Alta is raising the next generation of skiers. One of the keys to raising a happy little skier, is selecting terrain that is within their reach. Parking at the Sunnyside base gives you plenty of access to Sunnyside and Sugarloaf lifts, home to some of the less steep terrain at Alta Ski Resort. After your little one has mastered the greens on Sunnyside, take a ride up Sugarloaf, and cruise down some of the easier blues at Alta. 

Warm up, take a break, and grab a cookie:

We’re just gonna level with you: a big part of skiing with kids is finding the best treat on the mountain. There’s ski resort food, and then there’s SKI resort food. Alta offers the latter. Each of the restaurants at Alta offers organic, sustainability sourced food. If you find yourself spending the majority of the day at the base of Sunnyside, you absolutely have to try the empanadas or the waffles at Alta Java (your little one will be stoked on the chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles!). 

A few tips for the kids:

Look, skiing with kids is going to work your patience muscle. Wanna know a secret? If you’re having fun, THEY usually have fun. Start early, keep it lighthearted and playful, and don’t be shy about heading inside for a cookie when a break is warranted. Instead of focusing on accomplishing technical goals”, focus on playing outside in the snow on skis for an hour or two at a time. Keeping the expectations low is KEY to making sure everybody feels good about the day. And of course: end the day on a high. After a day of high fives and cold toes, order a pizza to share with your little one in Goldminer’s Daughter while you treat yourself to a well deserved beer. You BOTH earned it. Remember, the main goal behind skiing with kids is raising a lifelong ski buddy.

Check out our Local’s Guide for more ideas of fun in Salt Lake City. We are looking forward to seeing you at Alta, and helping you get set up. Make your reservations here to have your gear delivered right to your door. 

Alta Ski Resort already checked off your list? Let Ski Butlers take care of you at one of our other locations around the world. See you on the slopes.

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