Ski Leasing Now Offered by Ski Butlers!

We at Ski Butlers are excited to introduce a Ski Leasing option within our local communities! The idea of a Ski Leasing program is something we’ve been discussing for about a year now. The goal of this program will be to provide an affordable service that would allow local kids or beginner level adults to get out and ski without the burden of the typical cost associated with the sport. 

As we all know, kids grow — fast. The Ski Butlers Ski Leasing program is designed to help local parents get their children outdoors in the winter time, year after year, without having to buy new equipment every year. In the same vein, adults that are new to the sport will be able to try out a few different skis over the course of one year or for several years as their ability improves without feeling the pressure to buy a new pair of skis every time they have a breakthrough.”

As always, the service provided through the leasing program will be consistent with the Ski Butlers award winning customer service offered through our rental and retail programs. A saying we like to use here at Ski Butlers is, We are a customer service company, that just happens to rent, and now lease, skis.”

The Nuts and Bolts


*All pricing include skis, boots and poles

Sport Package — $229.00/ year

Tweener Package — $179.00/ year

Junior Package — $139.00/ year

Helmets — $39.00/ year

Refundable Down Deposit — $119.00

The down deposit is intended to cover any significant damage the ski may receive over the course of the season or if the ski were to be lost or stolen. Leasees will receive the down deposit back in full at the conclusion of the ski season assuming the equipment returns in good condition. 

The leasing program will be offered from September 1st — December 15th each year. Equipment must be returned by May 1st, at the conclusion of each ski season back to the Ski Butlers shop from which it was leased.

Ski Butlers will deliver leased equipment to customers within a 20 mile radius from the shop. Equipment can also be picked up from the shop.

Ski Butlers will offer a full support service throughout the duration of the ski season within a 20 mile radius. Customers must provide Ski Butlers with a 24 hour notice if support is needed. 

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