Skis for the Ladies too!

Ladies, if you’re looking for rental skis that will look great AND help your unique skiing style make sure your skis are women specific. Here at Ski Butlers Park City we make sure our women skiers are decked out with the best women specific equipment out there. We carry Women Specific skis by Rossignol, Roxy, and Volkl, all for different skier types and abilities. Women specific skis, like the Rossignol Voodoo74 are tested by women skiers and created with women’s weight, height and center of balance in mind. This means that the skis are available in shorter lengths and are lighter weight than unisex skis. Since womens’ center of balance is low, it puts more weight on the tail-end of the ski. Women Specific skis have the binding mounted a bit more forward than unisex skis to keep the weight more balanced over the ski. All in all this makes the ski easier to menuever. So ladies, when looking for a rental ski remember the bennefits of a women specific ski!

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