Ski Season is Here: Are You Ready?

The 201314 Ski Season is finally here!

If you’re like me, you’ve been sitting around your house watching ski movies, scanning the online gear outlet for deals and tracking every drop of moisture heading towards the Rockies in anticipation of a great snow year. 

Well, we both need to tone it back a second and make sure we have the basics before we go skiing this year. 

We have made a list of the 5 essential accessories that any ski vacationeer must have before venturing out in the high mountains. 

1. Helmet: This is the most important piece of gear any skier can have. Helmets have proven time and time again that they can lower your risk of head injury. Other sports are pushing to prevent head injuries, and skiing is at the forefront of that movement. 

2. Goggles: Sure, you can ski in sunglasses, but do you really want to? Goggles create a windproof seal that helps to keep snow, branches and even hot chocolate out of your peepers so you can safely enjoy your day on the mountain. These are the Smith I/O goggles.

3. Gloves: Frostbite is a quick way to ruin any skier’s vacation. Make sure to have waterproof gloves for yourself and your kids. Handwarmers are a great item to throw in your kids gloves to keep them cheery all day.

4. Facemasks: When you visit a ski resort, you have no control over the weather. Even the sunniest of resorts, like Telluride, will have the occassional super cold and windy day. Facemasks save your face from windburn, sunburn and chapped lips. If you find yourself skiing dry, light Rocky Mountain powder without a facemask you might look like this fella. Now that’s what 

5. Socks: Your typical cotton sock will not serve you well on the slopes. Believe it or not, ski socks are very thin. Sock makers, like Smartwool, have found that a thin sock can wick sweat off your foot, which in turn keeps your foot warmer by being dry. The most advanced of the ski socks have support structures built in to stabilize overworked leg muscles. Ski socks are a great investment that ever skier must have. 

These are the most overlooked accessories that everyone needs on their ski vacation. Our favorite mountains are opening in the upcoming weeks and we hope you’re as excited as us!

See you in the Rockies

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