Smooth Operator

Having to travel overseas in order to visit the mountains I like to ensure that everything is booked and organized. I like to have my car, hotel and everything else I can set up before hand so it is all taken care of by the time I get there. I work all year and like to enjoy my two weeks in Colorado. I do not want to have to worry about getting anything or waiting in line. In the past I have always booked my hotel and car and everything has run smoothly. One thing that I never had control over was the rental shop. Sometimes we would go and there would be no line and it would not take long at all. Other times we would go and end up spending over 2 hours in the shop. It was the one thing that I could not control and was at the mercy of the ski shop. All that changed this year when my son told me he had been online and found places that would delivery your skis right too you. After looking at the websites I was impressed with what I saw. I was able to give them my height, weights etc. and pick a date and time for them to come to me to bring me my skis. I had the option of getting them at night when I got in or early the next morning. After I was done skiing I simply had to leave my equipment outside and they picked it up for me. I can now fully plan a vacation from my computer and know that everything is going to run smoothly.


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