Sock Talk!

So what’s in a pair of socks? …Besides feet.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s you would find a lot of outdoor enthusiasts sporting the big wooly socks. The thicker, the better!” was the overall feeling most of us had, as it made sense that thick socks would keep you warmer than thin ones. Right? WRONG. 

In 1994 , Patty and Peter Duke started the company SmartWool in Steamboat Springs, CO launching a thin, merino wool sock with high claims. This sock was everything the big wooly wasn’t. And it couldn’t compete with cotton. It was thin, warm, non-itchy, non-shrinking, moisture wicking and odor reducing. The magic behind this sock was in the merino wool.

SmartWool uses wool exclusively from the New Zealand Merino Wool Company. It’s this particular type along with SmartWool’s paten on the treatment of the wool, that allows it to be the perfect” sock. In addition to being more comfortable, merino wool actually allows you to perform better as well.

Once you forgo the big wooly or traditional cotton sock, you’ll actually find that you’re getting a better fit with your ski or snowboard boot. Having less material in your boot will allow you to be more efficient with your energy and prevent any wrinkles or seams that can create bruising and blisters over an extended period of time. Unlike a cotton sock, which retains moisture, merino socks actually wick moisture, allowing your feet to breath and in turn keeping them warmer. If you’ve ever sweat in cotton socks while skiing before, you know the feeling of that sweat actually freezing. The result is some wicked cold tootsies! Though the price for a high quality pair of merino wool socks may seem a little high, it’s completely worth it to guarantee high performance and comfort on the slopes. 

There are now hundreds of companies out there working with merino wool. Here at Ski Butlers we have a fantastic partnership with Smartwool and believe that they truly do put the best product out there on the market. Next time your getting your skis delivered by Ski Butlers, ask us about our socks! We carry Smartwool socks on all of our deliveries and would be happy to put them on your feet. 

You can also purchase SmartWool products at our Ski Butlers Store at http://​www​.skibut​lers​.com/​store

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