Spring in Whistler

It’s hard to believe Whistler Mountain closes in one week — especially since it’s snowing on the mountain again and still. With a March record snowfall of 160 inches spring skiing is at it’s best!

Lots of sunny days, the Telus festival in full swing with tons of free music, free swag, the ever sold-out film-makers and photographers showdowns, and many happy people. After a tough week when hundreds gathered in the village to honor the fantastic yet tragically brief life of of Sarah Burke, the town is certainly ready for a fête.

With Whistler Mountain shut down, Blackcomb Mountain will continue to draw the diehard skiers until May 28th. Whistler’s renowned Bike Park opens on May 18th and summer sightseeing begins again. Ski Butlers in Whistler also shuts down on April 22nd after another fun and successful season #5. Thanks to all who helped make it such a great season!

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