Steamboat Resort Opens Early

With temperatures hanging out in the teens over the last few weeks, and snowfall accumulating almost daily, Steamboat locals have been itching to hit the slopes. This will be the first time since 2002 that the resort will be opening early and the town is beyond ecstatic about the news.

Today’s opening day was a chilly one! Though the skies were blue and the trails groomed perfectly, the temps barely creeped out of the single digits as the lifts started turning, making the lines surprisingly manageable. The resort plans to stay open tomorrow, but then will close its doors for Monday and Tuesday, reopening for good on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. This time of year, as all locals know, is always a crapshoot when it comes to snowfall. Some years, the snow starts falling in October, while other years it’ll hold off until almost Christmas. The fact that we’re starting the season with a base of over 40” of natural snow is a good sign. 

And so it begins. The days of rescheduling your lunch break to spend it on the slopes and waking up early on a Saturday to get fresh tracks are upon us once again. This is why most of us call Steamboat home. We are here for the snow, the culture and the town. The buzz in the air this morning, as we all welcomed opening day with huge smiles on our faces was undeniable, as winter in Steamboat has officially kicked off.

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