Steamboat Springs Best Kept Secrets

Steamboat Springs: The Best Kept Local Secrets 

Steamboat Springs is well known for its champaign powder, bubbling hot springs and western hospitality. You know to expect some of the worlds best tree skiing, delicious local beef and you know that you have to stop at F.M. Light and Sons at some point on your stay here. But do you know everything? When you hear fat tire snow biking” or local breweries”, do you think Steamboat? Did you know that Steamboat also is known for producing the most Olympians than any other town in North America? Fascinating, I know! Here are some fun little nuggets of information that make Steamboat even more special than you already thought it was:

Fat Tire Biking: Originally built for the sandy beaches of California, fat tire biking has blown up in the little town of Steamboat. Ski Town USA, also known as Bike Town USA, has taken its already solid commitment to mountain biking to another level by extending it into the winter months. Trails throughout Emerald Mountain and Lake Catamount are groomed and maintained to offer a variety of terrain for beginner to advanced level riders. Rentals and terrain access at Lake Catamount Touring Center:‑0

Local Breweries: We all know Colorado is proud of its microbreweries, but did you know that Steamboat has joined the rest of the state? Over the last year, Steamboat has opened two new breweries, both located on the west end of town. Butcherknife Brewing Company opened this last July, offering the community a variety of ales and porters. My favorite? Morningside Porter, named after Steamboat Resorts Morningside chairlift. Storm Peak Brewery, also opened this past summer with an extensive tasting room”, with rotating seasonal brews. Though Storm Peak does not distribute, you will see Butcherknife’s beers on tap throughout town. 

Steamboat produces more Olympians than any other ski town: One of Steamboat’s proudest facts! There were 14 Olympian athletes with ties to Steamboat at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, including Todd Lodwick, the United States’ first six-time winter Olympian; Billy Demong, five-time Olympian and defending Olympic Gold medalist in Nordic Combined; and two sets of siblings, Taylor & Bryan Fletcher and Arielle and Taylor Gold. The record of 88 and counting Olympians is held proudly by Steamboat and owe a lot the success to the local non-profit, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. 

So the lesson here is to never stop exploring or learning about Steamboat Springs. What already appears to be an amazing ski town due to its western culture and high quality snow, becomes even greater when you start to learn about the roots of the city. Steamboat is inspiring young entrepreneurs to take their bikes off the dirt and into the snow. It’s building opportunities to bring Colorado’s beer culture to a local level. It’s harnessing the skills and talent of the young athletes of tomorrow and empowering them to follow their dreams and do what they love. We hope you find a little inspiration next time you visit Steamboat and start to understand that we are more than just a resort town. We are a vibrant community that just happens to have a world-class ski resort in it. 

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