Summer Activities with Social Distancing


We can’t think of a more socially-distanced group sport than golf, and with tee times booking up throughout this spring, it’s no wonder why. Many courses around the country have put extra safety measures into place this summer, including hiring a dedicated cart sanitizer, and partitions and spaced lines at the pro shop when you check in. In many cases, you can get your bag out of the car, check in for your tee-time on your phone, and carry your bag right to the first tee. With most groups maxed out at 4 – 6 people and at least 1 hole between you and the next group, golf is a great, safe way to recreate outdoors without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. 


While you can find us more often than not on our mountain bikes over road bikes or commuters, there is no bad way to bike. Unless you are traveling in a large peloton, biking will allow you to spend some time outside, get in a good workout, and not have to worry about exposure to the virus. Hopefully you already have your bike, because demand has surged so much with sales up over 120% thanks to COVID-19. Some say we are even in a national bike shortage. As the CDC recommends, wear a buff or a mask that you can quickly pull over your face should you end up biking in a popular area. Of course, be sure to also maintain social distance with anyone other than family members. If you are inclined to ride uphill on the mountain bike trails like we are, be sure to follow the same protocols. 


Perhaps the OG of summer outdoor recreation, you can’t go wrong with hiking. Pick out your favorite trail using the AllTrails app as a reference, and decide whether you are looking for a steep day on a black trail or an easy cruise on a green. Hiking, especially with enough of a climb, is a great way to build up your ski legs in the off season. The acent will strengthen your hamstrings, quads, calves, hip flexors, and core.

Image Credit: Bangor Daily News

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