Summer Fun in Whistler

Whistler has always been a dream winter destination, the epic snow, the massive peaks, and thousands of miles of terrain make it one of the perfect places to spend the winter. Don’t let that fool you though. Although Whistler’s winters are amazing, their summer season can be just as jaw-dropping. With glaciers, volcanoes, rain forest, and miles of rivers, Whistler really does have a little something for everyone this summer.

Peak to Peak Gondola Rides 

First time at Whistler-Blackcomb? Heights aren’t an issue to you? Then the first thing you have to do is make your way to the Peak to Peak Gondola that connects the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb. This 2.7 mile long, 1,427ft high gondola holds the Guinness World Records for the longest unsupported gondola in the world while also being the highest lift of its kind. 

The Blackcomb Ascent Trials 

Who knew there was a rainforest in British Columbia? Now you know and you can see it all while ascending or descending the Blackcomb Ascent Trails that stretch from the bottom of the Whistler Valley all the way to Rendezvous Lodge on top of Blackcomb Mountain. There are three sections of the trail that slowly increase in difficulty the further up the mountain you go. Don’t worry if you think things are starting to get a little too tough for you. Running parallel with the Blackcomb Gondola allows you to decide if you want to keep going to the peak or hop of the midway point of the gondola for a more relaxing ascend up. 

Nintendo Gaming Lounges 

With two locations on Blackcomb Mountain, these gaming lounges are a great place to take a break and relax while playing some of the newest Nintendo games. With one being located at Rendezvous Lodge on top of Blackcomb, it’s perfect for stopping and taking a break after checking out the Blackcomb Ascent Trials or if you have a little bit of time before the next Peak to Peak Gondola ride. 

Cloudraker Skybridge

Having opened in 2018, the Cloudraker Skybridge is one of the newest attractions to add to the list for Whistler and is a must do for anyone who loves a thrilling view. Located next to the top of the Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain, (Note: To take Peak Chair children must be 40” tall and accompanied by an adult) it’s just a short walk to get to the bridge. Once on the other side you can take in the amazing views from the Raven’s Eye which offers 360 degree views from the peak of Whistler. 

Whistler Mountain Bike Park 

No summer ski resort is complete without some mountain biking and Whistler is no exception. Being number one in the world for lift accessible biking, Whistler really does have a lot to live up to and it does so spectacularly. With over 80km of trails that stretch over a 4,926 ft vertical there’s something for everyone here. For the more courageous you can check out Top of the Peak, starting at the top of Whistler Peak this trail has all the flow that Whistler’s bike park is known for, with all the views their skiing and hiking are known for all compiled into one amazing ride. 

Take a ride on a bobsled 

If biking isn’t your thing but you still want to feel that wind through your hair, head on over to the Whistler Sliding Center. Bring the family (or yourself) to this facility located on Blackcomb Mountain to learn all about the history of the track and it’s Olympic legacy, while watching the blurs of athletes speed by on. Take a ride on their summer track in one of their bobsleds to feel what it’s like to be a winter Olympian. 

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