Summers in Steamboat Springs, CO

What a lot of people who visit Steamboat to ski don’t realize is summers are just as good as the winters. Like many other ski towns, the multitude of activities allows any family visiting the opportunities to experience the summer alpine lifestyle. From biking and hiking to outdoor concerts and rodeos, Steamboat will keep anyone active and entertained during the warm months.
One of the greatest aspects of Steamboat is the Yampa River. The Yampa allows people in town to enjoy some fresh water to raft, tube, kayak, and fish on. Even just walking along the river on the Core trail, you can stop and enjoy the pleasant flow of the river. Few ski towns have the luxury of bodies of water, Steamboat is one of those lucky towns, and the people take full advantage of it.
If you have never enjoyed Steamboat Springs in the summer, start looking into it. You can visit great websites like the Steamboat Chamber (www​.steam​boat​-cham​ber​.com) to get the low down on town, and all it has going on during your stay. Once you figure out what a great place this ski town is in the summer, you will be hooked.

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