Sundance, World Championships and so much more…

One of the best things about Park City is that even for a relatively small ski town there is never a dull moment. Whether it be the athletic tournaments and art or wine festivals during the summer months or the Sundance Film festival and multitude of winter sports events that come through in the winter. There is sure to always be something exciting to check out and the month of January has been no different. 
The Sundance film festival was busier than ever this year with a host of great films on tap for both locals and visitors viewing pleasure. The crowded restaurants, bars and theaters mean great things for the town of Park City and ensure the economic stability of our little oasis. Whether it was people in town for Sundance or just here to enjoy the mountains, Ski Butlers Park City has had a great month both with the amount of people we have been getting into skis and the enthusiasm around the office. And now with the FIS Freestyle World Championships hot on the heels of Sundance, Park City continues to be the spot to be for the month of February. Night after night, locals and spectators alike are being treated to concerts on Main St, fireworks and great entertainment on the hill. Several Americans, including friend of Ski Butlers, Dave Digravio have already had great results during the World Champs and we are all hopeful we continue to see more. 
The big talk within Ski Butlers Park City right now is our move to a new location after the season. Ski Butlers has purchased the area that the Mexican restaurant Nacho Mamas currently occupies. As much as we love the margaritas and burritos served up by Nacho Mamas we are very excited about our new digs. With the move comes twice the square feet we currently operate out of and a walk-in” space were customers will be able to come in, check out our inventory and be professionally fit for their equipment in a welcoming and comfortable environment. We are confidant that with our new walk-in location, Ski Butlers is going to change the typical ski shop experience and hold good on our promise to have to never wait in line again.” As the season draws closer to the end there are sure to be more exciting developments and design ideas for our new location. 
The last couple of months are sure to be very busy at all our Ski Butlers locations and we are excited to offer all our customers, whether new or previous, an experience they will never forget.

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