Tallac Turnouts

Each year, during the summer, the local South Lake Tahoe brewery, puts different parties on every weekend. Our brewery here is named Tallac, after the giant peak looming over our town, and they have a great location at the Y”, an area where two different highways intersect in our town. These parties are great and there is usually a pretty good turnout for the festivities. 

Last night, a couple local bands and DJs where all there to let loose and celebrate the end of the summer. It was actually the last of the summer session parties that are held at the brewery. This usually invokes a somewhat sad feeling but not for us up here, because we know that that only means the changing of the seasons is right around the corner and the snow should begin falling soon. Tallac Brewery is our only local beer brewer on the South Shore and its great to see them bringing the local community together to mingle and celebrate the end of summer. 

The actual festivities began around two in the afternoon. People slowly began arriving, but as soon as the sun dropped, the party was packed. Everyone drinking libations and blowing off the steam of the work week. These parties are essential for the locals, especially when their ski rentals and snowboard rentals are tucked away in their closets. We all know that as soon as these parties end, Fall begins to rear her head, and the white frozen stuff will soon begin to coat our town. This is how we REALLY” take care of our stresses in Tahoe. Once the magnificent Heavenly Ski Resort opens, all the local snow hounds will be getting in their turns and carving up a storm. Even at the party last night, all people could talk about was what new kind of ski rentals they would be skiing on and how much snow they think is going to fall. I’m not one to speculate, but joints are acting up and my knees hurt, so bring on the snow! 

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