Telluride: The Coziest Ski Town in America

As I walk to work on a rainy, dreary morning in October I am struck by the experience of a woman crossing the street. Dressed in fashionable jeans and an undeniably cute’ pair of shoes, this hurried traveler was pushing her wheeled luggage down the sidewalk with purpose, her head held high, eyes darting in every direction spotting every pothole and crack in the sidewalk that could pose a threat to her carefully managed appearance.

As she approached the street corner she stopped. Looked both ways. And began to cross Telluride’s main street, Colorado Avenue. Upon reaching the center of the street she noted a car bearing down on her position and stopped politely next to the burgeoning flower boxes which decorate the center lane. However, as both the driver of that car and myself noted (as the vehicle came to a stop to let her pass), she was the one acting strangely.

Here in Telluride, Colorado, cars still yield to pedestrians — they can only drive 15 miles per hour in the town limits anyway! Telluride is a community whose streets are filled with bikes and skateboards and flowers and most importantly, people. (In the winter, sometimes we even use the streets to ski down to the lifts!) It is the cars who are the passersby. 

While every ski town has its own wonder and unique charm, there’s no place quite like Telluride — you can walk wherever you need to go! And why wouldn’t you? The majesty of the San Juans — a constant presence when visiting Tellurde — implores you to be outside, to be amongst them.

Keen on a warm cup of cocoa by one of Mountain Village’s open fire pits? Just saunter down to the free gondola and take a scenic ride up. Excited for world class music at the incomparable Sheridan Opera House? Just a walk up the block. Nearly all of the attractions and unparalleled beauty of Telluride can be accessed with little more than a pair of boots or snowshoes. 

And most importantly, if you don’t know the way, just find somebody with a beard or a smile on their face — they’ll point you in the right direction every time! (even if it is just down to the Last Dollar Saloon for a beer!)

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