Telluride Through the Lens

The Dallas Divide

It’s no secret that the quaint ski town of Telluride is situated in what many of us consider to be one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes on the planet. From the towering, picturesque Wilson peaks to the jagged, almost-reptilian Sneffels Range — there is no shortage of staggering subject matter for the avid photographer.

You can capture incredible images from almost anywhere in the Telluride area, such is its vast wonder. However, one of my favorite places to seek out the perfect picture’ is on a little-traveled road that cuts from just above the Telluride airport through to Highway 145 near the Dallas Divide. Known as Last Dollar Road, its often gravely and uneven roads can be a test for many vehicles but the views are unbeatable — especially in Autumn when the Aspens are changing. This is the place to capture the Wilson peaks in all of their astounding glory.

As far as winter-time imagery goes, nothing beats the ski resort! Ride up to the top of lifts 6, 9, 14 or 15 and the view seemingly goes on forever — no coincidence they named it the See Forever trail! From incredible panoramic views of Mt. Wilson, the Sneffels Range, Palmyra Peak and even the LaSalles far off in Utah — there is no better vantage point for capturing the serenity of the San Juans!

Last Dollar Ranch

For more, check out the Telluride Photo Festival, which occurs in the fall and attracts not only some of the worlds most adventurous photographers but many experts in the field who are excited about sharing their knowledge with the public — learn more about it!

See you out there!

photo credits: Urbanicsgroup (flikr)

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