Thank You Team!

During my freshman year at college, at the University of New Hampshire, I was surprised at how quickly the year came to an end and all my friends were suddenly gone. It feels the same way every year at Ski Butlers. One day we have more deliveries than we know what to do with and the next day team members are off on their next adventure and I have not had time to personally say goodbye and thank everyone for their hard work. I am trying to do that now. 

Core Value # 8 — Team Spirit

There is nothing more special and rewarding than being a part of a team; teams accomplish more than individuals, they push themselves more, they reward better and they last longer in memory.
This season we were fortunate to have the best team ever assembled at Ski Butlers, which is reason why we had a record setting year at Ski Butlers. Every single Ski Butlers location set a record in terms of revenue! To every single team member, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

You are the reason we had such a great year. 

Thank you for being a part of this great team. 

In life, happiness is probably the most important thing we can focus on. The reason we go ski is because it makes us happy. The reason we fall in love is because it makes us happy. The reason we have friends is because they make us happy. At Ski Butlers, I hope you found happiness. 
Next year, many of you will return and those that don’t, hopefully you find yourself on the next great adventure. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, make sure you follow your heart, your dreams and things that you love. Those that follow this rule, that live their life in the moment, that do things that make themselves happy, will be among the most successful people on the planet.
I am leaving you with a video. You should watch it. It brings up some good points and hopefully will help you live your life in the best possible way, whether you are here at Ski Butlers or somewhere else in this great world. 

Oh, the places we will go!”

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