The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing.”

One of my favorite sayings is The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing.” That is how I liked to ski race growing up. I took chances, skied straight lines and went for it. When I came up with the idea for Ski Butlers while finishing my final semester of college in 2004, I had that same mentality. 
The biggest difference though, is that it wasn’t a big risk. I knew that traveling to a rental shop, waiting in line, sometimes for hours, getting sub-par equipment was not the way to rent ski equipment. If we could deliver the ski equipment and offer legendary customer service, I knew that once the word got out, customers would flock to our doors. And that is exactly what happened. 

SB bryn boots.jpg
We WOW’d, as we like to say when we take care of our customers, so many customers in Park City the first season that it only made sense to expand. We expanded in Vail and Breckenridge the following season and the same success followed. Before we knew it, there were 10 Ski Butlers locations serving over 35 North American ski resorts and the best part about it, we still delivered legendary customer service. Our service and equipment offerings were consistent across all locations. 
The secret to success — keep it simple and do one thing, really, really well. We are a customer service company that happens to deliver ski rentals. We hire team members that will fit into our culture and make sure to WOW them every day (its amazing what happens when you empower all your team members…), we always WOW the customer and even our partners like Rossignol or a local hotel get WOW’d.

SB fitting(cremeno).jpg
As in any business, there are always challenges, risks, tough days but the good always outnumbers the bad plus we make all our decisions based on our 10 Core Values.
It has been an amazing first 10 years at Ski Butlers and I look forward to another 10 years WOWing everyone we work with and living and working in these amazing mountain communities. 

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