The Legendary Hobacks

With your legs burning, and nothing but deep, untracked snow in front of you, your mind has to scream at your legs to keep churning, as the excitement overcomes the lactic acid streaming through your quads. Pushing through your last five turns is the correct decision; you look behind you and the 2,500-foot slope is filled with snow and the tracks you’ve left behind. 
The famous champagne powder that once fell on the Hobacks is best shown in the 1967 classic ski film, The Last of the Ski Bums by Dick Barrymore with Dr. Bob Smith, founder of Smith Optics, laying down beautiful turns on the perfect 36° slope, We see fewer instances, of storms hitting the Tetons with dry light snow, which makes the Hobacks an even more sought after destination on the deepest day.

Even on bluebird days, with recent snow into buried deep into everyone’s’ memory, the Hobacks are stilla fantastic skiing experience. Few mountain ranges in the world allow one to ski down to the valley floor When the bumps are big, many a skier is still seen testing the endurance of their legs as they push down the beautiful slopes of the Hobacks.

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