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Gondolas on mountain resorts have changed the way skiers and snowboarders can access the mountain. It’s brilliant, they diminish the in-line wait time, prevent freezing cold lift rides, get you to the top much faster and not to mention, it’s a great setting to meet new people. But while all gondolas serve essentially the same purpose, each gondola does have it’s own story and sense of uniqueness, especially the Telluride gondola. 

Telluride is interesting for many reasons, but one aspect that sets it apart from many other mountain towns is it’s location to Mountain Village. Mountain Village was established in 1985 and sits, halfway up Telluride mountain at 9,500 ft. Before the operations of the gondola in 1996, the only method of getting from Mountain Village to the town of Telluride was by skiing down, driving or to take the Galloping Goose (the public bus). Since the Telluride gondola has opened, it has become the preferred method of travel between Telluride and Mountain Village and is also, to this date, the only FREE public transportation gondola in North America. You can expect the gondola ride to take about 13 minutes and you will experience 365 degrees of amazing views looking over the San Juan Mountain range.

To learn about hours of operation and other fun facts about the Telluride gondola visit: http://​www​.visit​tel​luride​.com/​d​i​s​c​o​v​e​r​-​t​e​l​l​u​r​i​d​e​/​o​u​r​-​t​w​o​-​t​o​w​n​s​/​g​o​ndola

While we understand that a gondola may not be the main reason for planning your trip, we think after you experience Telluride’s preferred method of transportation you will be ready to ditch car keys and ask yourself, why aren’t we doing this all over the world? 

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