The people of the airport.

Nothing like a little people watching at the airport to give some perspective on the world. If you ever think you live a diverse life full of all walks of life go to a major international airport and you will realize you are full of it. What is it about airports and flying that bring out the worst in people. Some of the rudest people I have ever seen have been in airports. Customer Service Agents for airlines most likely have the crappiest job in the world. Is it the small cramped seating, the stress and hassle of carting around kids, bags and the world. It should be simple, it is fairly simple, I travel a bit and can deal pretty well, although I don’t have 3 screaming kids running in every direction and four bags to carry across an entire terminal.

What a relief Ski Butlers is for your vacation. After all that pain and suffering of traveling, that extra stress of renting equipment could easily break you. But not to worry that stress has been eliminated with our hassle-free award winning service!

A couple thoughts: What is your favorite airline?

What games do you like to play while waiting for your flight? I like to take bets on which group of travelers will lose their cool the first. 

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