The Power of the Team: Ski Butlers Meets in Aspen

Our yearly Franchise Meetings are in Aspen Colorado this week and The Power of the Team is the theme for this year’s meetings. 
(Before reading this blog, consider watching this movie that shows live footage of Ski Butlers VP Jake Hardy and Ski Butlers PC GM , Mike Cremeno, getting ready for the meetings.) 
So you're telling me there's a chance

O.K, probably 2 hours have past since you started to read this blog because you decided to watch the entire movie, which is tied for the funniest movie of all time, along with Tommy Boy on my list. 

Now let’s get back to business.

One of my favorite quotes about teams is from Coach K;

I pass on to anyone who will listen: Two are better than one if two act as one. And if you believe that two acting as one are better than one, just imagine what an entire team acting as one can do.”

Imagine what all team members, working across 10 Ski Butlers locations can do! Imagine if a team member in Whistler decides to do a surprise upgrade for a guest because they know the renter would enjoy The Powder Line package because it is supposed to snow tomorrow. Imagine a team member in Breckenridge, deciding that they should throw in a few free hand warmers because it is going to be cold today and they know that the customer would enjoy their precious time on the vacation even more if their hands were warm. Imagine a team member in Telluride accidentally giving the wrong poles at the delivery and taking full control of the situation to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy and not having to ask a manager, even if this requires refunding money. Imagine a team member in Jackson Hole Tweeting their experiences from a day working and skiing for the world to see. Imagine a team member in Steamboat coming up with an idea to make packing an order easier, and they can instantly communicate the idea throughout the entire company and a Team Member in Park City tries it out and it becomes the new standard way to pack an order. Imagine a team member in Aspen, learning how to better use Instagram, and posting the best pictures in the area and growing their relationships in town. Imagine a team member in North Lake Tahoe, taking the time to talk to a bell boy after a delivery and making sure they are parking in the correct areas and taking care of his guests. Imagine a team member in Vail giving a customer a FREE Ski Butlers t‑shirt, just to be nice. 
Imagine that in all the scenarios above, all these team members are first or second year ski techs and not owners or GM’s and imagine that they just instinctual do these things.

Imagine the possibilities. 

Now stop imagining. This is a typical day at Ski Butlers. 

Oh, the places we will go!” 

(If you would like to listen to the Beatles song, Imagine, please click here.)

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