The Pristine Conditions of Deer Valley

How’s the snow?” Is the million dollar question when it comes to your ski vacation. Deer Valley has mastered the art of many things — customer service and turkey chili among them. But most of all they are known for their pristine conditions from cruisers, combed to perfection, to the steep and deeps of Lady Morgan and Empire. What’s the secret?

Let’s start with Utah. The snow here isn’t called the greatest snow on earth” for nothing. The average water density of Utah’s snow is around 7 – 8%, compared to an average of 20% around the country. It’s the lightest, fluffiest snow you can find in the country, only to be rivaled by Hokkaido, Japan, where water content is closer to 5%. 

Next is snowmaking. While we all want mother nature to do the job perfectly every time, sometimes she needs a little help. A solid base layer is always a good thing — but not if it’s heavy, wet or slushy — we didn’t come out west for that! All manmade snow at Deer Valley is cured” for a full day so that the excess water can fully drain before any snowcats break it up. Even then, the snow isn’t Deer Valley ‑ready — it sits out for yet another day before being spread onto the trail. Now that’s going the extra mile! And these snowmakers are working 247, not just at night. From October through January, 12 – 14 snowmakers will be on the mountain at all times. 

Last is crowds. Or lack thereof. Deer Valley caps the number of tickets they sell every day so you’re never bumping heads (if you’re careful) with too many skiers around you. You have all the room you need to practice those turns, and by capping sales, Deer Valley reduces the wear and tear on the trails by the end of the day. 

Deer Valley’s snow opens on December 6th. Your Park City Ski Butlers team will see you there!

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