The Story of our Culture

In 2008, senior management at Ski Butlers read a book called Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh the founder and CEO of Zappos. Zappos, as it turns out, had one of the best corporate cultures in the world and thrived on happy, motivated team members that would do anything to WOW their customers. This book resonated with us at Ski Butlers because we felt like a very similar company, however, at this point and time, we had not defined our culture. Our culture was loose and was dependent on me as CEO/​Founder, our franchise owners, and our managers. We quickly set out to create our core values. The 10 we came up with and used for the past 10 years are:
  • Deliver Legendary Service
  • Our Culture is our Brand
  • Honesty and Integrity are the Foundations of our Success
  • Be an Entrepreneur
  • Everything Matters
  • Hard Work is Expected and is Rewarded
  • Make a Difference in the Community
  • Team Spirit
  • Be Humble
  • Grow Smart, Have Fun and Enjoy the Journey
And these Core Values rocked. They allowed our team members to make decisions on their own. It gave us alignment throughout all our locations. And the end result was a more consistent culture delivering more consistent results across our organization. 

But as we grew, some of these core values did not seem as relevant anymore and honestly, were tough to memorize for our 350 seasonal team members. So, it was time for a refresh and simplification. Not only did we refresh our Core Values, we also refreshed our Why, Mission, & Vision. 

So here is the refreshed list:

  • Why — We believe in people pursuing their passions in the mountains. 
  • Mission — To make ski vacations convenient. 
  • Vision — To be in every major ski destination in the world.
  • Core Values
    • Service — Deliver legendary service. 
    • Simple — Keep it simple. 
    • Purposeful — Be purposeful in everything we do. 
    • Curious — Be curious to continue learning & growing. 
    • Give — Give back to our local communities. 

And here is our story & flow behind these items.

Ski Butlers WHY — We believe in people pursuing their passions in the mountains. This is what inspires us each and every day and the reason we love doing what we do.

MISSION — To fulfill our Why, we make ski vacations convenient. Super convenient.

VISION — As we plan our future, it is our vision to be in every major ski destination in the world.

VALUES — And our Core Values, they define our culture, our actions, and our behaviors. They guide us in making great and aligned decisions each day. 

We hope you enjoyed our refreshed Why, Mission, Vision & Values. And if you work at an organization that has an amazing culture, please share with us. We would love to connect. 

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