The Top Reasons for Our Expansion to Italy

You may have heard that we recenly expanded our service to two of the most iconic resorts in Italy: Cortina d’Ampezzo and Val di Fassa. Why Italy, you may ask? Today on the blog, we’ll break down our top reasons for expansion to the beautiful Dolomites. 


Cortina d’Ampezzo

Located in northeastern Italy, Cortina is known as the Queen of the Dolomites,” has a thousand year old history, and has been attracting tourists for centuries. With breathtaking views, a cozy village and world famous steep skiing, Cortina has been selected to host the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships. As with Val di Fassa, Cortina is part of the famed Dolomiti Superski region, which includes three separate groups of ski areas that are all connected. With one ski pass, skiers can take advantage of 450 chairlifts, and 1200km of slopes in 12 separate ski areas. 

Val di Fassa

Also part of the Dolomiti Superski region, Val di Fassa has about 10,000 residents divided into seven different municipalities. The Dolomites, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, are famous for not only their beauty, but also for having some of the best skiing in the world. Val di Fassa, in particular, is one of the largest areas in teh Dolomites, featuring seven ski areas in just one valley. 


Do you love nothing more than arriving at your ski vacation destination, having your Ski Butlers come and deliver your gear, and then checking your equipment at a ski valet after each day on the slopes? We do, too. In Italy, however, a do it yourself” ski culture is very much alive and well. With that said, we knew Italy would be a perfect place to feature our delivery service, which we strive to make the most convenient part of your ski vacation. 


Don’t worry about having to get on a village bus to find a ski shop, we will deliver right to your accommodations. Looking to switch out your gear? As is standard with Ski Butlers, our partners in Italy will also show up to provide timely switch outs to keep you on the slopes and off the road. What’s more? We love our partners in Europe, but when you’re booking a Ski Butlers delivery, you never have to go to an external site to navigate your order. As with all of your orders in North America, simply log onto SkiBut​lers​.com to reserve your gear. 

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