The Waiting” is Over

As I mingle around our community and seek to get as involved as possible leading up to the holiday season, I have noticed one common theme; Everyone seems to be trying to organize themselves for winter and seems a bit flustered in the process. For all of us that live in resort towns, we know the best time of year is when the snow starts flying! It also happens to be the time when everyone is hiring, organizing and preparing for the season ahead with their business. This is the same case at Ski Butlers. So why do I mention this you are likely asking yourself? 
It seems to me that everyone is either waiting on this guy” or waiting to have their skis tuned” or waiting to get their snow tires on and oil changed in their car” or waiting for their new skis to arrive in the mail” or waiting to hear back from a potential employer” or even waiting on a winning lottery ticket.” At Ski Butlers we are blessed with an incredible group of people who all plan for these things long before we actually have to begin worrying” about them. As I listen to all these people around town tell me one reason or another why they are not ready for winter, I constantly think to myself…we are so ready for winter at Ski Butlers! It is not just the efforts of one individual or one location, but instead the efforts of 10 locations and 90 team members working together to make it a season for the ages! I feel so lucky to have a supporting cast around me each day that is more prepared for the season ahead than ever before. Fortunately for us, the only waiting” we are doing at Ski Butlers is; Waiting to WOW” our guests!
With the ski season already started in some of our North American locations and just around the corner for others, the waiting is over! It is now time to WOW” our customer and have a blast doing so! If you have not booked your ski vacation yet, what are you waiting” for? 

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