The Winds are Changing in Jackson Hole

Here in Wyoming the air is changing, leaves are dropping, nights are getting surprisingly chilly, and the elk are coming out of the hills. Winter is coming and I could not be more excited. As the new General Manager in Jackson Hole, I am looking forward to our biggest season yet. 

This year I want to integrate Ski Butlers further into the local community, which, for me entails a few key points. First off we are going to participate in more community events in the valley. There are often ski races, sled races, dinners and parties that are all opportunities for us to support and give back to the local community. We plan on continuing helping out with the Adaptive Ski Program as well. Second, as Ski Butlers grows in the Hole, I want to grow our business presence to create friendships and partnerships that will benefit everyone. Our Preferred Partners” program will be expanded this year so not only will we continue to point our customers to businesses (restaurants, sled tours, etc.) in town with parallel ideologies, but also as Ski Butlers customers, they will receive preferred treatment. I see a lot of potential in creating a family of sustainable businesses that support each other and take care of each others cliental. 

Our team this year will be small, efficient, and extremely well trained in all aspects of being a competent Ski Butler. To achieve this we will spend a lot of time together as a group to learn and discuss everything from tuning skis to making successful deliveries, and everything in between. It is my goal to have a reliable team that carries the values of Ski Butlers not only at work, but in their personal lives as well. When you come across a true Ski Butler,” you will be comforted knowing they have your best interest in mind, not only for your skis and boots, but for your well being and contentment. 

We look forward to another great season here in Jackson Hole, and I will personally state that this will be our biggest season yet. 

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