Time to Dust Off Ski Rentals

It’s that time of the year again. When I will begin trying to sell ski rentals to locals and seasonal employees coming to work at Heavenly next ski season. Perhaps, the main reason why I have already taken on this challenge is because I have already been contacted by several Chilenos and Argentinos seeking employment in Lake Tahoe next year. Ski rental leases are perfect for these seasonal employees of Heavenly Ski rental shops. There are several blog sites to get the message out and there is also a few recruiters in South America that have worked with me in the past. The flip side of this endeavor is selling skis to locals in Lake Tahoe. Of course, few locals are thinking about purchasing ski rentals at this point of the summer. However, making contacts and offering old ski rentals as a kickback is a great way to network for the coming ski season.

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