Tired of Stinky Boots?

Countless ski rental shops fail to sanitize and dry their ski boots, thus resulting in stinky ski boots. While this may be a constant in the ski rental industry, there are a handful of shops that actually care about the boots they are renting out.

These elite ski rental companies have a trick. They constantly update their ski boot inventory yearly to maintain a clean slection of boots. Not only do these outfitters have non-stinky” boots, but the boots are often brand new. And they personally guarantee the perfect fit.

Often, you can even rent your ski package and then purchase the boots that you were using. This is a great way to save money while getting a great a boots that you know work for you. Because, ideally, every skier should have their own boots anyway. This way they know they will have a great boot and they get rent the latest equipment for a bigger discount.

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