To Bring Your Skis from the Bay, Or Not to Bring. That is the Question.

Journey’s Lights” is playing softly in the background. The city by the Bay is calm under a layer of thick fog. You brush the dust on your crusty old pair of skis that are sitting in the corner of the garage. The musty smell causes you to recoil. You grab the skis and inspect them. Last season’s lack of snowfall in Tahoe certainly didn’t do these old boards any favors. The edges are rusty and dull. The bases feel as though they have been dragged across a parking lot.

Did I walk across a parking lot on these? You ponder quietly. 

Honey,” You hear from a distant room, Phil is on the phone. He’s wondering if we have some space in the car. What do you think?”

Phil has been your best friend for years. You watched the Giants win the Series together. You share a ski lease in Tahoe. However, now you must choose: The skis, or Phil. Your mind races as you calculate the diminishing space in the car. You could set up the rooftop ski rack again, but after you blindly sped into that parking lot when you were racing” a colleague to the prime space, the ski rack took a fatal blow from the low ceilings of the parking structure.

Now that Isabella doesn’t need a car seat, maybe….You ponder thoughtfully. No, No. You think to yourself, shaking your head. I thinks she may need a car seat. Great, I don’t even know my daughter’s dimensions. Do we even have skis for her?

Honey?” The voice is coming closer. It’s crunch-time. What will it be? The skis? Phil? Your daughter? The weight of it all is stampeding upon you like the bulls in Pamplona.

Your skis have carried you down mogul runs that would make an 80’s montage complete. They were there when your daughter took her first turns. They sat silently beside you as you waited patiently on I‑80 as the snow fell in torrents against your flapping wiper blades. You remember when you bought them. You were more proud of your purchase than a parent watching their kid’s first soccer goal. But now, you must choose. 

It’s hard to let go. The trepidation of taking the plunge into a ski shop and prostrating yourself before the all-knowing ski bum” to find the perfect ski for your vacation is palpable. You thought you had already gone through that whole charade when you bought your last pair in 1992. Times have changed and now you have options. Bring Phil, the daughter, and the whole family. You have room if you can just let go of your old skis for this one trip to Tahoe. You said it yourself, you don’t even remember your daughter’s dimensions”. You are fairly certain that she grew a shoe size and five inches taller since last week. We know you can’t keep up any more and, besides, you want to bring Phil along. This is where Ski Butlers steps in to salvage your weekend getaway.
Since that bearded guru sold you your last pair of skis, a lot has changed. Skis are now purpose built, crud busting, powder seeking, smooth turn slashing technical innovations. And with Ski Butlers Rental Delivery, you can try the whole fleet. You can even buy them at the end of the season (with no bowing to the ski lords). Who cares if you aren’t quite sure of your daughter’s exact size, we bring several options to ensure that she’s fitted with gear that will plant a smile on her face for the entire day. 

So, a quick recap: Bring Phil, leave the rusty old monolithic skis behind, and take the whole family on a trip to the mountains to enjoy the snow, you’ve earned it.

Go ahead, settle into your ski lease in Tahoe after the long drive and wait for the ski shop to come to you.

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