To Damage or not to Damage Waiver?

To Damage Waiver or not to Damage Waiver? The age old question. Off all the poeple that use ski rentals, only a handful of select novices should never have it. These skiers are traveling at such slow speeds on green slopes that it is near impossible to damage a piece of ski equipment. However, there is great debate amongst all others about the value of the Damage Waiver.

First, there are varying conditions that warrant the necessity for a damage waiver. Early season as well as spring skiing pose risks for those who opt out of extra equipment protection. There are many obstacles that are hidden during early season when rocks can be covered with just an inch of fresh snow. Also, in the spring, rocks will expose themselves at a moments notice. These are all reasons to have extra equipment protection for your ski and snowboard rentals.

Second, many ski equipment shops have rentals that are valued well above $1000. If you happen to rent this ski equipment package or something similar, you will want to consider the additional cost to repair high-end ski rentals as opposed to basic rentals. Some rental shops even have a more expensive damage waiver for high-end ski and snowboard rentals. By paying $5 per day, you can rest assured there are few circumstances that could warrant any additional cost. And these would be Loss or Theft.

Of course, there are always a couple of ski rentals that get returned damged beyond repair. And this is the scenario in which the Damage Waiver would offer no assistance. As a participant in the rental agreement, you agree to be responsible for the equipment while skiing and riding and thus, no compnesation will be given for people that trash equipment.

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