Top 3 Rides in Aspen & Snowmass for Biking

Where should you go to do some biking in Aspen? Which trail is right for me or my family? Is there anything else I should know before I go out? There are a lot of options for guests new to town so we compiled the top 3 comfort rides and top 3 beginner mountain bike rides based on our guest feedback.

Top 3 Rides on a Comfort/​Hybrid Bike
Rio Grande Trail — 1hr 15 mins, Aspen Post Office to Woody Creek Tavern — This trail runs from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and follows the corridor of the historic Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad where the first train on this route arrived in Aspen in 1887. The trail is an easy ride with minimal exertion needed, great for biking, walking, running and is also dog friendly. Most sections are wide enough to accommodate everyone. Remember to use good trail etiquette! Ride on the right, pass on the left and be sure to give those you look to pass a ring of your bell or verbal warning as you are about to pass them.
East of Aspen Trail - 45 min round trip from City Market in Aspen — An easy, wide bike path that consists of paved sections, dirt and wooden bridges. While short, only 3.5 miles each way, it gives you a stunning view of the Northstar Nature Preserve you just can’t get from a car.
Owl Creek Trail - 1hr 30 min from Snowmass Base Village to Aspen Core — This trail is an intermediate/​moderate trail simply because there is a bit of climbing involved. It is well worth it as the trail heads from Aspen to Snowmass, passing large open fields that are filled with dozens of horses year round. In the fall the fields are filled with large herds of Elk, with occasionally upwards of 100 elk casually hanging out in these fields. 

Top 3 Beginner Mountain Bike Rides

Butterline Trail — 15 min one way — A great training and practice trail for beginner mountain bike riders. It serves primarily as connector trail to access Sky Mountain bike park. Butterline is a fairly easy trail with short climbs, sweeping turns and fun undulations that are great for gaining confidence on your bike.
Ditchline Trail - 25 min one way — Another Sky Mountain connector trail, Ditchline rolls through scrub oak and sage meadows. It is a fun, fast trail with quick turns and rolling flats. This is a great trail to ride out and back as the reverse trip offers up a whole different experience. Ditchline is an especially great trail for those beginners looking to practice their turns!
Cozyline Trail - 1 hour one way — This trail offers the easiest climb to the top of Sky Mountain. Although a relatively easy climb, Cozyline will still get your heart racing as you climb 1000 feet over 3.2 miles. Beginners will appreciate the numerous level grades that offer relief after each short climb. Ride through wildflowers, scrub oak,and sage bushes, and other lush vegetation on your way to a spectacular view of Snowmass, Capitol Peak and Mt. Daly. 

I hope this information can be of good use to you during your stay, and you get the opportunity to enjoy the incredible views this area has to offer.

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