Top Reasons to Book Your Ski Vacation Early

Did you know that August and September are two of the best months to book your ski vacation? While our minds may still be focused on summer, you’re going to want to start looking ahead to your winter trip and nail down all of the little details sooner than later. Especially if you want to benefit from serious savings and a wider variety of lodging, airfare, and equipment options.
We all know that ski passes like the Ikon, Epic, Mountain Collective, and resorts’ season passes are least expensive when they go on sale in the spring, but steadily increase towards in-season pricing after Labor Day. For example, did you know that until August 31st, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will include an Ikon Base pass with each season pass, AND you can save over $600 on the season pass price? In a similar fashion, you can expect to see lodging and airfare deals hit their expiration dates as we head into mid-September. For these reasons and more, we are breaking down why it is best to book your ski trip early! 


Epic passholders can once again cash in on preseason booking discounts of up to 40% on lodging with their popular 96 Hour Sale,” expiring at 11:59PM on August 23rd. Have an Ikon or Mountain Collective Pass and always dreamed of combining a Yellowstone National Park visit with a ski trip? If you book early, you’re in luck! Big Sky is extending its summer lodging promotion to select dates in the ski season, allowing you get up to 30% off vacation rentals. Even if you want to stay somewhere that is not offering a preaseason booking deal, booking early still gives you the opportunity to get that popular room with a special view, or snag a suite before they sell out for the season.

Image Credit: Breckenridge Resort


Not only are you more likely to find better priced flights in August and September, before demand picks up heavily in the fall, but many resorts have airline partnerships that can end up saving you a lot of money. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, for example, has a current promotion running where if you book roundtrip flights, lodging, and lift tickets this summer, you can get a $300 credit towards your total airfare. With Jackson Hole Airport featuring nonstop flights to 12 major U.S. cities, what’s not to love about that deal?

Image Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


Here at Ski Butlers, we outfit our customers in the nicest Rossignol equipment you can ski or snowboard on. We always want our customers to be able to have the pick of the litter when it comes to ski, snowboard, and boot options, delivery times, and of course, special requests. If you book your rentals two days before Christmas or President’s Day, for example, you may have fewer options available than we would prefer to give you. Book well in advance, and you can not only choose from any of the equipment combinations you would like, but you can also schedule preferred delivery times and even put in special requests on your order. What are some examples of these special requests? Let’s say you have a flight that gets in at 8PM, but you want to be sure you are on first chair the following morning. If you book in advance and communicate your wish to us, we will happily work late to ensure you are properly fitted right after you check into your accomodations, even at 9PM! In addition, you can get the first and, therefore, best choice of our delivery windows if you book early. If you book last minute, these windows will be nearly filled up, leaving you with fewer options. Counting on the newest Soul 7s? The earlier you book, the better chance you have at skiing or boarding on a shiny, brand new, 2020 model ski. Do you fear your ski boot fitting? Book early, and our technicians can bring five extra pairs of different boots for you to try on, ensuring you will find the perfect fit.

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