Ultimate 72 Hour Bike Itinerary in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

You’ve packed your lube, your spandex, and a tube of DZ Nuts. It must be time for a bike trip! When you’re planning a trip to Jackson Hole, you don’t want to forget the bear spray, your sunscreen, and a spare tube (or three). The world class riding in the Teton’s is beautiful, unforgettable, and just a little bit wild. You’ll push yourself to earn some of the most rewarding views in the country.

Tell your boss you’ll be skipping out of work early on Thursday, give your bike a quick tune up at home, and load up the car. We’re going to Jackson Hole!

Thursday 7PM:

After a day of travel, treat yourself by staying in a comfortable AirBnB. You’ve got a lot of gear after all! Having space to spread out and work on bikes is important when riding in Jackson. You could head out for a quick spin, but you’re going to spend a long day in the saddle tomorrow. Every trip to JH warrants a trip to the Million Dollar Cowboy Saloon. Saddle up to the bar, order something cold, and enjoy.

Friday 7AM

How’d you feel after sleeping at 6,237 feet? Did you remember to hydrate before bed? You have a day of climbing ahead of you, and you’ll want to start out on the right foot…er, pedal. Any Jackson Hole local will point you in the direction of Pearl Street Bagels. This classic coffee shop offers a wide selection of boiled and baked bagels. While everything here is delicious, the everything bagel with a thick slab of cream cheese always does the job for us. Grab smoothie, and a coffee, and don’t forget an extra bagel to stash in your pack- you’ll be grateful for the carbs later today.


Today you are in for a real treat. You’re going to ride delicious single track through some of the most beautiful national forest terrain in the country. Let’s go to Teton Pass! The ride you’re tackling today is a 17 mile loop of intermediate and advanced terrain. Take Arrow up to Phillips ridge. This is where you are going to CRANK, and you’ll be glad you have that extra bagel. Take a breather before descending Phillips Canyon. ENJOY! Take Arrow back to the car. 


Your legs are likely feeling that +2,200 climb, so let’s grab some lunch and take a breather. The plate of tacos from Street Food will help restore your reserves, but we also love the Bahn Mi sandwich. Their hand cut fries are going to be doing the heavy lifting, replenishing the salt you lost earlier today. After lunch, head back out on the trail- this time without your bike. Ski Lake is a beautiful 4 mile hike to an alpine lake. Your legs starting to feel the burn from earlier? Take a dip! The freezing alpine water is some of the best therapy we know for sore muscles.


How are you holding up to Jackson Hole so far? Have a little energy left? Great! You’re going to King Sushi. Start with an order of Crispy Rice, share a Crouching Tiger Roll, but make sure you get our own bowl of Poke. We know, we know, tuna this fresh in Wyoming? How?! Just trust us. You can thank us later. Whether you decide to make it out to another bar (or 3) is up to you. Just remember to hydrate. You’ve got another big day tomorrow.

Saturday 7AM

Up and at em! Are you starting to adapt to this whole Jackson Hole lifestyle? This morning we are going to head to another local gem, Picnic. You’re going to want to fuel up this morning, so we think you should order the Snake River Farms Pork and Eggs Toast. The crisp Levain whole grain bread is topped with roast pork shoulder, egg soufflé, sweet peppers, goat cheese, smoked tomato butter, AND maple crème. Don’t get us started on the coffee at Picnic. Grab a pastry for the road- you’re heading to Grand Targhee. 


Grand Targhee is truly a XC rider’s dream. You are going to love Mill Creek/​Colter’s escape. This 9.6 mile trail is fast, flowy, and fun. Want to make it just a tad longer? Add on Buffalo Solider! With stunning views of the Tetons, and some of the tackiest single track in the valley, this loop will be a dream. If you’re looking for a true intermediate ride that’s a little longer, you’re going to want to ride Rick’s Basin Tour. Many consider this to be THE trail to ride at Grand Targhee. 

Saturday 2PM

Let’s just say it, your legs are dead. You’ve worked up a good appetite, and we’re going to help you satisfy it. Located in Driggs, The Royal Wolf Pub will take care of you. Start with either the fully loaded Idaho spuds or the homemade samosas. Let your stomach lead you from there. After lunch, head to Packsaddle Lake. The short hike to the refreshingly chilly water will be just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday 5PM

Start your night at Roadhouse, with an order of hush puppies and honey butter and fried chicken and waffles. This small brewery offers 10 rotating taps. Want a bigger selection? Head to Wyoming’s oldest brewery, Snake River Brewing. Either way, sit back and enjoy. You’ve worked hard the last few days.

Sunday 9AM

Sure, sleep in a little, you deserve it. We’re guessing you are feeling it today. Instead of another day in the saddle, we think you’d be remiss to come to Jackson Hole without a short tour through Yellowstone. Treat yourself to a grand breakfast at Persephone’s. Anything you order will be divine. Head to the park for a few hours before it’s time to call it a weekend. We could tell you what to see, but the ranger station will do a better job. 

You’ve had an EPIC weekend. Before hitting the road, stop back in Persephone’s and grab a coffee and a pastry for the road. Your body has been WORKED. Jackson Hole is one of our favorite mountain towns, and we are looking forward to helping you out this winter. Want to read about how we have served others? Here are some reviews! Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you on the slopes in a few months.

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