Want to Improve Your Ski Vacation? Ask these 3 questions

Ski vacations can be hard. No matter how much planning and forethought you put into it there’s always a chance that something goes wrong. Whether you chose the wrong time of year when the lines are the longest and the town is packed, to just getting unlucky with the weather and the snow that may or may not come with it. 

All of these things could dampen your ski vacation and have you leaving thinking that you didn’t truly get the most out of your trip to the mountains. 

As we enter the middle of the summer, now is the best time to start planning ahead to figure out how exactly you’re going to improve your ski vacation for the upcoming winter. With the amount of mountains the Epic and Ikon passes cover these days, there’s a mountain resort out there that can easily fit everything you’re looking for. It’s just up to you to find it. Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself before you start planning your ski trip this winter. 

Where do you want to ski?

This may sound broad, and that’s kind of the point, but figuring out where you want to ski and why is crucial to improving your trip. If you’re looking to cover multiple resorts during your stay, checking out Park City and Salt Lake City might be your best bet. If you’re looking for a one mountain to really become familiar with, you might have better luck with a place like Sun Valley or Jackson Hole. Every mountain and town has its own vibe to it and finding the one that suits your situation can do wonders for your vacation. Either way, figuring out where you want to ski instead of where everyone else is skiing could end up making your entire trip. 

What are you trying to ski?

Another question that could go along with this is what type of skier are you? Are fresh groomers in the morning more up your style or are you trying to hit some cliffs and ski some bowls. Whatever it is you’re looking for, doing some research on a few different mountains and the kind of terrain they have to offer will make sure you know exactly what you are getting into once you get to the resort. While most mountains have a variety of different terrain to try to appeal to all skier types, sometimes it might not cut it for what you’re looking for. 

How easily do you want to ski?

Not all ski resorts have the same accessibility and some resorts book out some of their most sought after spots months and even years in advance. Looking into what accommodations look like for whatever resort you’re trying to go to could either help you get that first chair, or have you circling the parking lot looking for a spot. Thinking about what kind of skier you truly are is a great way to wrap your mind around it. If skiing is all you’re trying to do then finding something close to the mountain is your best bet to get as quickly back and forth as possible. If you’re more in it for the culture of the town with a little skiing on the side, finding something a little further away may be your best bet, plus they’re usually cheaper. 

After giving these three questions some thought, now you’re ready to book your new and improved ski vacation for this upcoming season. Don’t forget about the most important question of them all though, how you are going to rent your skis. 

Of course there are plenty of shops you could go to, only to wait in line just to find out they don’t have the right gear or if you have an issue you’ll have to go back to the shop to swap out equipment. There’s no need to worry about any of these issues though when you rent from Ski Butlers. Not only will you miss the lines by us delivering the gear right to your accommodations but you’ll also not miss out on the skiing if something doesn’t feel right by means of our free on-mountain swap outs. There’s really no easier way of improving your ski vacation then making sure you rent your skis from Ski Butlers. 

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