What It’s Like to Use Ski Butlers: Insight from Ski-cationers

The Ski Butlers concept is pretty straightforward. Easy, convenient, and responsive service to help travelers enjoy smooth ski vacations and enjoy more time with friends and family. But what does that really mean? Does Ski Butlers actually add extra value to a ski trip?

A few customers weighed in. Here’s what they had to say:


Home base: Manhattan Beach, California

First Ski Butlers experience: In 2013, when my husband went to his brother’s bachelor party in Park City.”

Has used Ski Butlers for: Annual February trips to North Lake Tahoe starting in 2015, plus a trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado in December 2016.

Gear rented: Skis and boots. 

Highlights: By using Ski Butlers, we get to start vacation faster! Instead of schlepping to a hot, crowded rental shop the night we get in, or getting up extra early our first day to head to the mountain, the ski butler comes to us. We can get unpacked, start dinner with friends and family, and then when the ski butler arrives, we can take our time in the more relaxed environment of our vacation house or condo. I find it much less stressful. 

I am also very picky about my boots. I have bad feet and wear orthotics, so I’m always unsure about which size and brand of boot fits me best. The butlers are always patient and helpful during the fitting. I can rent higher quality boots, and I always request that they bring a range of sizes with them for me to try.” 

Word on the mountain: It has always been super easy to rent from Ski Butlers! The staff I interact with over the phone and in person are always very personable and helpful. When we run into travel or weather issues that have required us to change our drop off/​pick up, Ski Butlers are flexible and easy to deal with.”


Home base: Austin, Texas

First Ski Butlers experience: I started using Ski Butlers in Steamboat about 10 years ago.”

Has used Ski Butlers for: Yearly trips to Steamboat and Beaver Creek.

The crew: It started as just me and my wife, of course. Over the years, our three daughters (17, 15, 6) came along and learned to ski.”

Gear rented: Skis, poles, and boots. 

Highlights: My wife enjoys skiing at The Beav, so we branched out a bit. Stephanie, from Ski Butlers in Steamboat, connected me with the Ski Butlers people in Beaver Creek to make things easy.”

I can never remember what I like to ski on, so I shoot Stephanie a note and she tells me what I skied on last year. Then she tells the guy delivering the ski to bring that ski.” 

Word on the mountain: The Ski Butlers experience has been the same level of customer care in every location we’ve been in, and that’s the reason we go back. If my wife has a problem with her boots, they meet her at the bottom. Me as a husband, I don’t want to be taking care of that! I feel confident and comfortable that I’ll get the same experience no matter where I’m at.” 

Renetta (Instagram: @wandermoms)

Home base: Newport Beach, California

First Ski Butlers experience: We found Ski Butlers through Exclusive Resorts, and we mainly use them at Deer Valley, out of Park City.”

Has used Ski Butlers for: Recently, we also used Ski Butlers in Aspen. We use them every time we go skiing, and we try to go two or three times a year.”

The crew: It’s a huge crew. Fathers, mothers, and more. At least nine or ten people on each trip with at least five kids between six and 10 years old.”

Gear rented: Skis, boots, and poles. We used to do helmets too. 

Highlights: They’re always really good about fitting all the kids we all have with us. They usually have to send three guys! It takes the patience of a lifetime. They’ve even fit gear to my son while he’s been asleep on the couch.” 

Our kids have gotten better, so they now demand poles. Ski Butlers was so kind they dropped off more poles during one trip.” 

Word on the mountain: The convenience of them coming to the house plus the efficiency and flexibility really is amazing. They drop them off the night before we go skiing, which is huge in case we need a gear alteration.”

They’ve been super accommodating and have lots of different choices for skis.” 


Home base: Panama City, Florida

First Ski Butlers experience: Five years ago in Park City.

Has used Ski Butlers for: Annual trips to ski Deer Valley. 

The crew: It’s the whole family — so me, my wife, and our three boys — plus some friends occasionally.”

Gear rented: Boots, skis, poles, helmets.

Highlights: One of the major downsides of skiing is dealing with all the gear. Ski Butlers has made that much easier. Not having to worry about that, you get to focus on other parts of the trip. It’s been great teaching my kids to ski to the point where I can’t keep up with them.” 

On a couple occasions, we’ve arrived at the hotel at 11:30 a.m., and Ski Butlers was waiting for us. That allowed us to get on the mountain and ski right away.”

Word on the mountain: It’s been awesome and so easy to rent from Ski Butlers. The service is great, with them coming to you and delivering gear. Hospitality is great. Our trips are great family experiences, and Ski Butlers adds to that.”

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