What makes a great resort? We’d like to think it was the ski rentals!

Obviously we would be a bit biased and say that anywhere Ski Butlers is offering their hassle-free ski rentals makes for a great resort! That does certainly add to a great resort but does not make the whole enchilada. Their are many attributes that combine and compliment each other to make for a great resort. Afterthought: I have given them numbers below but now that I think about it, every person will order these to their own preference, think of the numbers as bullets!”

1st, you need to have good snow, luckily here in the west we have that, some winters more than others, but between Utah, CO, WY, CA and B.C you will find tons of snow every season.

2nd, you need to have a great town with other winter activities, great restaurants and bars, and shopping! Take Whistler, B.C. labeled by most that have been there as one of the best ski towns in North America — the nightlife is just incredible. If shopping is more your activity Aspen is your town, you will want to make sure you know your credit card limits, because at Louis Vuitton, Coach, Ralph Lauren, and others you can get there quick.

3rd most important thing to make a great resort, good skiing! It is one thing to have good snow, but the mountains need to be set up so that you can truly enjoy it, a great mix of beginner to advanced. The more that compromise is met the more family oriented it will be and the better time every one will have. Which leads me to my next point:

4th — It needs to be fun, or people need to have fun while they are there!

5th — infinity — there are many more, airport close by, nice weather, public transportation, lots of parking, your favorite beer on tap, etc. Too many to mention here.

A lot goes into making a great resort and I think everyone’s taste define which is right for them. But since Ski Butlers is in 25 resorts in North America, most of them defined as the Top Resorts” of the country, it may be safe to say that ski rentals (Ski Butlers) plays a big part in the decision.

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