What to Buy and Why: Skis and Boots Edition

If you’re a skier, and I will assume you are, than you know the importance of having the right gear. It seems that companies are increasingly making new and different gear for every condition imaginable, whether it be skis, bindings, boots, outwear or accessories, our quivers are expanding at a rapid rate. So the question is, How do I choose the right gear for me without spending my life savings?” For the sake of time, I will address which Skis and Boots should be at the top of your Christmas list this season.

Skis – The Quiver Killer

If you’re looking for that one ski that works regardless of the snow quality or terrain than I would highly encourage you to check out the Rossignol Soul 7 for men and the Rossignol Savory 7 for women. The men and women’s skis have an essentially identical construction with the only real differences being the graphic and the size available. If you’re a guy thinking, Why would I want to ski on the same ski as women?” I will answer you by saying this, girls rip. Deal with it.

Both skis are 106mm under foot and have a traditional side-cut with a 17 meter turning radius, allowing them to float on top of light, deep snow as well as arc tight GS turns on groomer days. Rossignol has introduced new technology this year called the Air Tip” which allows the ski to be lighter and thus more maneuverable without losing any of the structural integrity or rigidity (Stiffness.)

The Soul 7 is available in sizes 164, 172, 180 and 188. The recommended binding is the Rossignol Axial2 120 XXL.

The Savory 7 is available in sizes 162, 170 and 178. The recommended binding is the Rossignol Axial2 120 XXL.

Bottom Line – You can confidently buy this ski and only this ski and know that you are going to be well suited for any ski day this season.

Boots — Performance meets Style

The Rossignol Alltrack Pro boot delivers in a variety of ways. Want to look cool in the lift line? Check. Want a different setting if you are charging, walking or touring? Check. Don’t want to compromise on downhill performance? Check. 
The Rossignol Alltrack Pro comes in both men and women’s in a handful of flexes. For men you can select from a 100, 110 or 130 flex. Women can choose from an 80 or 110 flex. 

The most significant feature that separates this boot from its competition is the Hike Mode” option that releases the cuff of the boot. This makes the Alltrack Pro feel more like a regular snow boot rather than a ski boot whether your boot packing it up to your favorite line or bar hopping your way through the village after a long day on the hill. This does not mean you are compromising the performance of the boot though. Once locked back into Ski Mode” the boot delivers the high-performance experience you need when charging from the top of the tram to the bottom with no breaks in between. 

Both men and women’s boots come with a 100mm Last (width) through the ball of the foot.

These skis and boots have sold out this season already and for good reason. You can however still purchase them as a new shipment is scheduled to arrive in late November. Just in time to make your first quality turns of the season!

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